How to choose wallpaper for different rooms in the apartment and what to look for

Very often, people themselves paste wallpaper in their apartment, not needing the services of specialists. The advantage of wallpaper decoration is that they are relatively inexpensive and easy to swap.

Wallpaper for different rooms in the apartment
Depending on which room will be decorated, choose different wallpapers. They can be made of different materials.

There are also wallpapers made using fiberglass, but they are used for pasting public places. An exception is the design of a high-tech room. In this case, fiberglass wallpaper is used.

A special type of wallpaper, usually embossed, is intended for painting. Paint is applied to the wall pasted over with wallpaper. Such material can be repainted several times, updating the repair.

Drawing on wallpaper can also be the most diverse. They are selected according to the quality of the material and according to the drawing, depending on the chosen style.

Wallpaper for the living room
In this front room, they always try to use the highest quality material. If the room is decorated in a traditional style, then a wallpaper with a large beautiful pattern is pasted there. It goes well with heavy wooden furniture and a large chandelier.

For the living room, they also use photo murals, sticking them on one of the walls of this room. When using photo wallpaper, you need to consider that the wall should be free and not lined with furniture. The image is also chosen depending on the interior.

For traditional design, a beautiful landscape is suitable, and for modern design – an image of a big city. There are many options. Modern murals are made in such a way that you can easily pick up the walls of any size you need.

The location of the pattern on the wallpaper is also used to visually enlarge the room. For example, horizontally arranged stripes on the wallpaper make the space wider, and vertically arranged ones higher.

It is important to have a sense of proportion, because the horizontal line makes the room lower. It is not recommended to use it in a room with low ceilings.

If the room is light, then you can use a darker wallpaper. If there is not enough light in the room, it is best to use light colors so as not to make the living room even darker.

Wallpaper for the bedroom
In this room, pastel colors usually predominate. Therefore, the wallpaper should choose the appropriate shade. Usually use a dull pattern.

Simple paper wallpapers are often pasted in the bedroom. It should be borne in mind that such wallpapers quickly fade in the sun.

In a bright room you can use a material of a darker shade.

Dark colors are also recommended when a person has difficulty falling asleep. For example, choose dark blue wallpaper.

What wallpaper to choose if the room is small
As already mentioned, the horizontal pattern on the wallpaper visually increases the space of the room.

Paper wallpaper
They can be smooth or embossed. Embossed is not recommended to be glued in rooms where various particles are present in the air. For example, in the kitchen. Embossing is quickly polluted, and paper wallpapers can no longer be washed. They are also made of two or three layers of paper.

Wallpaper becomes thicker and stronger, but it becomes more difficult to glue them. Embossing hides wall imperfections. If the walls are not too smooth, use embossed material.

Vinyl wallpapers
In their manufacture, the paper is glued onto a PVC film. The material becomes stronger and can be wiped with a damp cloth. If such a material imitates a fabric, then it is called silkscreen printing.

Non-woven wallpaper
Belong to the category of expensive material and they are often used to design living rooms and offices. They are also called textile wallpaper. Non-woven fabric is a non-woven fabric on which a drawing is applied.

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