Wall Mirrors

You cannot dispute that mirrors are an indisputable decoration of any interior. Design services provide a huge number of options for using mirrors, where original fasteners for mirrors are used or drawing or spraying is applied to the canvas itself. Using a mirror, you can bring your originality, space to the interior and make the design unified and harmonious.

There is no need to create such an atmosphere where everyone living in the apartment was comfortable and cozy. Each of them has everything you need so that you have the opportunity to do something like a mirror.

This is a bathroom. It can combine ceramic and mirror tiles, make a wall of a solid mirror, in general, there are many options.

However, for their installation and use, some features must be taken into account. For a bathroom or room where there is high humidity, the amalgam of the mirror should be specially reserved for such rooms.

Some designers and specialists advise increasing the strength of mirrors with waterproof paint. For example, the surface of a mirror can be covered with PF-115. In addition, in some rooms it is possible to connect a special heating system that prevents condensation from settling.

If you want to use a large mirror, you need to be at the maximum level. Everyone has the right to choose a regular or increasing mirror model. And to visually increase the space, you can use both versions of the mirrors.

To create a mirror tile of different sizes or tinted coating.

A variety of mirrors will help make the interior special, and the owner of the apartment will feel comfortable and cozy.

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