Owner's Ink

When they ask me how was created Ak Tam, I want to tell a beautiful business tale in which everything started from scratch and led to tremendous success. But if tell the truth, Ak Tam is not just the story of the company. This is the story of my own life and the life of a huge number of people. Together, we are called a team that, since 1993, has built residential houses, kindergartens, cultural houses, clinics and other civil and public construction projects in the country. This path was not easy and fast. We started small, sacrificed time, health and attention to family. There were ups and downs, misunderstandings and strong friendships, great victories and heavy defeats. Many years have passed and today, Ak Tam Holding is the largest company in the Turkmen market, a reliable partner both locally and internationally, and most importantly - a large family in which employees and clients, great friends, time-tested. As a founder, I am proud of my business and thank everyone who participated in the development of the company. Today, the activities of Ak Tam are not only construction. It also includes real estate rental, digital solutions, cosmetology, Asman printing house, agricultural work and an online building materials store. Dreams and plans still have a lot. But the main goal and important mission is Ak Tam Holding is work for the benefit of the people of Turkmenistan and the country's prosperity.

Founder of Ak Tam Holding
Vice President of Bowling Federation in Turkmenistan



The founder of the company, which owns 85% of the shares, is Taganova Akbabek Nazarovna. Having held a leading position for more than 25 years, she is highly respected both in Turkmenistan and abroad.
During the work of the company, two separate groups were created to separate and manage Ak Enar and TAU business projects.

  • Rental Property
  • Online Store of Building Materials
  • Digital Solution – Software Development Agency
  • Construction
  • Electrical work
  • Construction of engineering networks and water facilities
  • Partnership investment in business projects
  • Other areas of the company’s business structure:
    – “Premium” cosmetology center
    – “TAU” sports and fitness center
    – Asman Marketing – Leader in Marketing in Turkmenistan
  • Rent premise as Offices and Shops
  • Rent Online Store place for Building Materials
  • Developing Software – amazing websites
  • Construct buildings
  • Electrical work
  • Construction of engineering networks and water facilities
  • Partnership investment in business projects
  • Cosmetology services
  •  Fitness club center
  • Marketing services
  • Business Wholesale Suppliers Online

  • Supports customers and business partners
  • Digitalization – We will find right software solution for you
  • The development of innovative business models and opens up new markets and business areas.
  • Solutions on Hold provides the experience, technology and skills to help your business.