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Anthem of Ak Tam

Dilya Agoeva @ composed a song for our company. And the music was processed by @alexandr_abramoff, and the wonderful singer @lilit__singer sang the song.

Report on the selection of winners of the AKTAM slogan contest (12.11.2019)

The report was prepared by @mct_agency consulting company, specializing in providing business people with management and marketing solutions to improve business performance. Subscribe to @mct_agency, @akbiabek and on Instagram and learn more.
Winner selection procedure. Initially, a long-list of candidate slogans was defined. Frank cases of plagiarism were eliminated; or options that are difficult to make slogans in their form; or not suitable for AkTam.
At the next stage of selection, options were checked for plagiarism more carefully; such a factor as greater or lesser ability to transmit in other languages was taken into account (ease of translation without distorting the meaning and complicating the phrase into Russian / Turkmen / English); criteria for selection determined by Ak Tam itself were taken into account. Thus, a short-list of candidate slogans was formed.
The final stage of the selection was carried out by several experts on the basis of a matrix of criteria-based selection by soft voting. As the final criteria, those that were applied in the first and second stages were taken into account. Estimates made by each expert were summarized, arithmetic mean values were determined.
Thus, 3 winning slogans were selected.
Expert commentary: There were almost no completely original phrases that would never be used anywhere and nobody would be suitable for AkTam (taking into account areas of activity) among the proposed options, so often you had to choose not original but “less hackneyed” phrases -logos.

3 winning slogans:

Фундамент реальных возможностей @miss_and_boss

Ak Tam – maksatly işiňize – hemra @segsen_8

Ваш комфорт в надёжных руках @eminekap7772019

Further, not for publication, but information personally for Akbiabek Nazarovna:

7 finalist slogans:

A matly
K op
T oplumly
A jayyp
M ekan


Ak Tam – ussatlyk we ynam @ykmanda

Arzuwetme, hasyl et. Ak Tam bilen öňe git @g.sheker

We build tomorrow. The key to our success.@bibimammetorazova

Мы не мечтаем. Мы воплощаем! @ellitsilverman

Оригинал всегда один @woname_

Качество и надёжность – это Ак Там, доверься нам @charyyev.s

When selecting criteria were taken into account:
1. The role of the slogan is to attract customers, inspiring confidence in them, and at the same time explaining the activities and mission of the company. At the same time, the slogan also works for company employees, motivating them (and attracting candidates).
2. Conciseness – the slogan should be easy to remember and reproduce
3. The scope of AkTam’s business, taking into account all the activities that we were told about, even the one recently conducted by the company
4. Priorities of AkTam management in business values:
a. Benefit (effectiveness, etc.)
b. Convenience (lightness, simplicity, etc.)
c. Quality (reliability, durability, etc.)
d. Novelty (innovation, future orientation, etc.)
e. Beauty (aesthetics, etc.)
5. Multilingualism: the priority is the sounding of the slogan in the Turkmen language (the future is all the same for it), but the importance of the Russian and English languages was also taken into account.Мы не мечтаем. Мы воплощаем! @ellitsilvermanОригинал всегда один